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Conditions of the Valencian Community Tourist Voucher

Our hotels are members of the Viatgem CV Program .
Enjoy your vacation now with unbeatable conditions.

Which are the requirements?
To be a beneficiary of the program's aid, the following requirements must be met:
· Be a person of legal age.
· Be up to date with your tax obligations.
· Be registered in a municipality of the Valencian Community.
· Be enrolled in the Program within the period included in article 1.3 of the Decree.
· Formalize a reservation for tourist services subject to subsidy within a period of 10 business days from the day following the electronic notification of the program Promotional Code.

How do I get my bonus?
1. Request for an appointment to register (does not require an electronic signature):
Access the telematic procedure: prior appointment to register for the Comunitat Valenciana 2024 Travel Bonus Program.

2. Register (requires electronic certificate, electronic signature and current registration certificate):
Access the electronic procedure: Registration in the Valencian Community Travel Voucher Program 2023
Fill out the application form for registration in the program.
Complete a responsible declaration ensuring that you meet the requirements.
Even if you are traveling with more people, it is only necessary to request a voucher, since it applies to the trip reservation, not to the travelers.

When can I spend the bonus?
Once you have requested your voucher, you will receive a code that expires after 10 days , and which you must redeem when making the reservation. You can travel on the dates you want between January 16, 2024 to March 20, 2024, April 8, 2024 to June 3, 2024, October 15, 2024 to December 22, 2024.
IMPORTANT: Only one request can be made per person per period.
It is necessary that the reservation includes a minimum stay of 3 consecutive nights in the same tourist accommodation.

What other services can I add?
· Maintenance, maximum Half Board regime.
· Health and well-being treatments and massages.
· Parking.

What is the amount of the aid?
From 50% and up to a maximum of €350 for stays of 3 or more nights.

Can I reserve other services?
Yes, but these will not be eligible.

How do I make the reservation?
By phone:
Contact us at 96 585 36 00 or via email and send us:
· The Bonus with the Code that you received when you registered.
· The dates on which you would like to enjoy your stay.
By the web:
Choose your travel dates and select the Flexible Rate. During the reservation process, in "reservation comments" indicate: TRAVEL VOUCHER + Code Number that you received when registering. We will contact you to carry out the rest of the process. Your Bonus will be confirmed once you receive the Validated Bonus from the GVA. Not available for the Advance Rate.

How much do I have to pay at the hotel?
Upon arrival at the Hotel you must pay the remaining amount of your total Bill, by credit card, in the name of the holder of the Travel Voucher.
If the holder of the Travel Voucher does not have a credit card in his or her name, he or she must pay the amount with a credit card belonging to an account in which he or she is a joint owner. Said co-owner must present a Bank Certificate that certifies it.
It is essential to present the Printed Travel Voucher upon arrival at the hotel.

What if I cancel?
The Bonus does not include Cancellation and No Show Expenses. These expenses are governed by the Hotel's Cancellation Policy and must be paid by the end client.
Cancellation or no show implies the loss of the Travel Bonus.

Can I modify my reservation?
The modifications that occur in the provision of the accommodation service or in the rest of those included in the reservation, which will always mean maintaining the amount of the aid or a reduction - reduction of the aid in the justification, will be reflected directly in the justification of aid.

More information:
The Comunitat Valenciana 2024 Travel Bonus Program is governed by Decree 6/2023, of April 26, of the president of the Generalitat, modifying Decree 4/2017, of March 31, of the president of the Generalitat, by which The regulatory bases for aid aimed at the tourism sector of the Valencian Community are approved. (DOGV num.9588 / 04.05.2023) .

GVA reserves the right to validate the granting of aid with a period of at least 5 days before the day of arrival. If on the day of arrival, GVA has not granted aid, the client must pay the total amount of the reservation. If the client with a bonus of €350 or -50% of their reservation of 3 or more nights decides to shorten the stay, the bonus loses its effect and the bonus is cancelled, so the client must pay the total amount of the reservation. It is not possible to shorten the already subsidized stay.