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Dynastic Resorts

Pet-friendly room

Your best friend, our most important guest.

If you like to enjoy a stay in a good hotel, your dog too.
Find out about all the requirements to come accompanied by your dog.
The rooms are adapted so that you have your own drinking fountain and even a welcome surprise.


1. The stay of a pet at the Hotel must be communicated at the time of booking, since Pet Friendly rooms are limited and conditioned to a limited number of pets per night. Pets may be subject to a specific room category and specific spaces.

2. ADMISSION. Animals allowed during your stay are one domesticated dog or cat per room, other than PPP (Potentially Dangerous) breeds.

The stay in the animal establishment may carry a cost per night. Check applicable rates with the establishment. Services included: drinker, sweets and bags for excrement.

Pet owners must prove the health card with their vaccinations in order and the civil liability insurance that the applicable regulations provide at any time. In the case of foreign pets, they must have the European Pet Passport.

Animals must always remain tied and held by a non-extensible leash with a maximum length of one and a half meters or inside a carrier. Animals must be on a leash in the event that establishment staff enters the room.

3. ACCESS TO COMMON AREAS. RD 143/2015 expressly prohibits the access of animals to customer bathing areas.
The access of pets to the cafeteria or restaurants of the establishment is prohibited, with the exception of assistance dogs, which will have access to all areas according to current regulations. Pets can have access to the Pinada area.

Pets will be able to access the reception area only at the time of check-in, without being able to enter the other common areas during the stay. Access during the stay to the rooms enabled for pets will always be through the door of La Pinada.

4. LIABILITY. After registering at reception, it will be mandatory to sign a responsibility form. The Client will be responsible for all damages caused by the pet to third parties, to the furniture of the establishment, and/or extra cleaning expenses that may occur during their stay in the establishment, for which it is mandatory to provide a credit card upon arrival to make a guarantee deposit and a contact telephone number.

The establishment is exempt from any subsidiary liability in relation to damages, losses and inconvenience caused by the animal, to people, property and the environment in general. In case of damage caused by the pet, they will be valued and paid upon departure. The person responsible for the damages caused by the animals to people, property or hotel premises in general, will be their bearer and secondarily the person who owns the animal. Likewise, the owners or keepers of the animal are responsible for keeping them in the proper hygienic-sanitary conditions and making sure that they do not interrupt the tranquility of other guests.

5. IT IS FORBIDDEN: leaving the animals alone in the room or inside the vehicle parked in the parking lot (if applicable), leaving food in the animal's bowls, bathing the animals in the room's bathroom and use the bath towels with them and that they use or sleep in the bed, on the armchairs or on any element of the room's furniture.

6. The hotel reserves the right of admission at all times for clients who do not meet the requirements and standards indicated in this admissions policy. It is essential to find out about the conditions of access and use of the services in the Hotel itself upon arrival.